cloridaaa 😎


Hello! As you may know I have an Instagram, and my name on that is cloridaaa (it’s my name for many things…and you pronounce it like the rapper flo-rida because I’m that cool😎😎). So i have a little chat going on with these cool artist teens(I’m 24 I can say teens haha) and we decided to draw personas of our Instagram user names. Cloridaaa the persona has cool pink hair and a cool jumper 😁 I’m quite proud of the way she turned out 😁




This babe has swag. Look at her with her backwards snap-back hat(sounds weird), swag crop top and flashy high-top sneakers. She so cool. SO COOL. I actually really like the hair colour, I wish I could get mine that shade!




Ha im joking im rocking out my Crayola felts, but crayolo sounds way better…YOLO SWAG! I decided to colour this one in with my crayola felts because they smell absolutely delicious! Don’t worry the markers are scented…im not sitting here getting high on felt tip fumes lol! Todays sweet scribble is a baker babe! She even made a cake! Well done baker babe!