Inspired by a song lyricΒ 


Wee here is my doodle for day12 of #artitupwithfriends inspired by a song lyric 🎢🎢 I picked bright by echosmith because it’s such a beautiful song and makes me feel all the happy! So there’s the moon and Neptune and Jupiter and the shooting stars….I just went with the whole song instead of just one lyric πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Adventure digital time!


hey guys remember that one time I drew princess bubblegum and lsp? Well I scanned the pictures into my magical computer and coloured them digitally! They look so much better! I even drew a marceline version 😁 you guys like them? I do 😁😭



Adventure time! Cmon grab your friends!


We’ll go to very distant lands! With Marley the dog, and Cloe the human, the fun will never end its ADVENTURE TIME. I love adventure time. I drew myself finn style. And also LSP, but with no arms…i forgot where her arms went :/