The Princess and the Pea!


When I was little the princess and the pea was one of my favourite fairytales! Mainly because I have(yup still got it) this really cool book that was the flinstones and the jetsons doing the classic fairytales, I loved it 🙂 I tried out a new cartoony style for this one, and I gotta say I actually really like it 🙂 Please let me know what you think 🙂


Adventure time! Cmon grab your friends!


We’ll go to very distant lands! With Marley the dog, and Cloe the human, the fun will never end its ADVENTURE TIME. I love adventure time. I drew myself finn style. And also LSP, but with no arms…i forgot where her arms went :/


Cake Ahoy!


Ahoy world! I have been busy the past few days organizing cakes & cupcakes for up coming birthdays! The first lot I have is Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes for a 1st birthday yay! And then I’m doing a two-tier princess cake with matching wand cookies wahoo!!! I’m excited! So in honour of how excited I am about making these cakes here’s a cute cake:


I’m going to be testing out a new fudge cake recipe this weekend…hope it tastes as good as this one looks 🙂