Inspired by a song lyric 


Wee here is my doodle for day12 of #artitupwithfriends inspired by a song lyric 🎶🎶 I picked bright by echosmith because it’s such a beautiful song and makes me feel all the happy! So there’s the moon and Neptune and Jupiter and the shooting stars….I just went with the whole song instead of just one lyric 😂😂

2017 come at me!


Okay so I know last year I was quite possibly the worst blogger ever but I promise to be better! My new years resolution was to get back into art, and that means back into this blog so wish me luck lol! So without further hesitation here is my first(and certainly not last!) post of 2017!

I have an amazing friend who is making me a beautiful crystal necklace and I am so super excited about that its actually a little weird lol! Anyway Ive been wanting to make her something special for a very long time now but just couldn’t think of what to do. She is very  spiritual so I decided to do a moon themed portrait of her 🙂 I scanned in my inked drawing and then added colour digitally as it just gives it that pop! I hope you guys like it 🙂