Samurai babe


lol been so slack on the art front sorry! Here is a modern day samurai babe for the art freaks challenge over on the old Instagram! She’s got her katana around her waist but it’s cool and pink to reflect her sense of individuality/bad ass kawaii princess skills πŸ’–πŸ’–

Art it up with friends day 1 and 2!


Ohkayyyyy I totally forgot to post yesterday for the first day of art it up with friends, so you get two days in one haha! If you aren’t familiar with art it up with friends I shall briefly explain! Basically it is an art challenge hosted by two super cool artists over on Instagram! You get a different prompt a day and I think you can win a prize or something at the end lol! Anywho here are my day1 and 2 entries! First up we have “at the seaside” so I drew a manatee and crab 

And for day two the prompt was fantasy woodland creature… here is a bunnicorn hahah

Art it up with friends has begun!


Hey everyone!! Just when you thought all the fun of inktober was over I’ve got another challenge to complete! It’s a new round of artitupwithfriends 😁 I’ve previously done an artitupwithfriends (February I think?) if you want to check it out! Anyway I am super tired(10 hour day today and only day 3 of 14 😭) so here it is. Day one of artitupwithfriends ODDITY

It’s a tim burton inspired character as he taught me it’s Ohkay to be odd, all the cool kids are odd 😎

Art it up with friends!


Heeellllloooooo look at me posting again! Today(1st of feb over here) is the beginning of a challenge on Instagram called art it up with friends 😁 it has a different theme each day and today’s theme was whimsy 😁 so I drew a whimsical deer girl with a small fox and large rabbit and a pink/purple Galaxy in the background 😁 I actually like this!


cloridaaa 😎


Hello! As you may know I have an Instagram, and my name on that is cloridaaa (it’s my name for many things…and you pronounce it like the rapper flo-rida because I’m that cool😎😎). So i have a little chat going on with these cool artist teens(I’m 24 I can say teens haha) and we decided to draw personas of our Instagram user names. Cloridaaa the persona has cool pink hair and a cool jumper 😁 I’m quite proud of the way she turned out 😁