inktober day 31 :(


Aw we have come to the end of inktober 😦 Sad news I know! I hope you have enjoyed all my inktober/drawlloween crazyness 🙂 Good news is there another art challenge starting up and hopefully I will be able to follow through with that as well as I have done with inktober…but who knows! ANYWHOOOOO todays prompt was cult costume…so I did sheet ghosts! But this isn’t any ordinary gaggle of sheet ghosts, its the slightly incorrect sheet ghost gang! Their parents weren’t quite paying attention when they made these last minute costumes hahah!


This is a pretty crap little doodle, i was rushing to get it done(too busy i tell you!) but I hope you like it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy haunting 🙂




This is halloween! This is halloween! Halloween! Halloween! HALLOWEEEENNNNN!!!!!!! LALALALALALALALA……….and I’m back. Sorry! I just love to sing This is Halloween from The Nightmare before Christmas when its halloween! Yay I love halloween! Creepy cool cute stuff everywhere!! Well not really coz New Zealand fully blows and doesnt even get into the spirit of it! Every year I buy shit loads of candy and never get a single kid at my door 😦 Lets hope this year is different!!! Anywho here is a really scary ghost!!!


Its nearly halloween!


All hallows eve. The day of the dead. Spirits come back from the dead. There are heapppsssss of cool/creepy holidays this time of the year! I love it! So creepy! Here is a day of the dead paper bag ghost! Aaah so scary!


Paper Bag Ghost!



I have about 20 million different drawings of these guys! For some reason I’m always drawing them, and I usually name them Jarvis or Jasper. This time I’m going to be different..this is Phillipe. Oooh how exotic! Phillipe the paper bag ghost 🙂