My favourite things!


Yay today’s art it up with friends drawing prompt was favourite things 😁 so I drew a cool version of me with 4 arms holding some of my favourite things! Cupcakes (because I love baking and cooking), a book because I love reading(especially Harry Potter), a Fleetwood Mac cd because I loveeeeeeeeee music and a cute kawaii octopus because I love cute things! And to round it all off there Marley my most favourite thing in the whole world! This photographed really badly…the colours look so washed out 😭 but meh I like the nirvana shirt 😁  

Some sketchbook pages


Not really sure what to say…heres some random sketch book pages by me(well duh Cloe who else would they be by!)

IMG_0436 IMG_0439 IMG_0452

Kakashi Sensi and Pakkun x2!


Ohkay so incase you haven’t noticed I really love Naruto. And Kakashi, tied with Kiba, is my favourite character. So I drew a female version of him, complete with a little Pakkun! Eeeh so cool! I coloured this one in with my crayola coloured pencils….50 pack what a gangsta!



Anywho then I decided to see what it would look like if I coloured the picture in digitally….


I think its fair to say it looks pretty cool! What do you guys think?? God damn I love Kakashi, and I’m not even sorry about being all blasphemous right there.