Urban Myths & Folklore

Wee! Day2 of artitupwithfriends! Todays prompt is Urban Myths & Folklore, and after doing a google search it turns out there is an urban legend set in Auckland wee! The legend is of three witches that were hanged in the domain in the 1800’s and now they haunt people who go down that part of the domain at night. To be honest I think its bullcrap, firstly did they even still hang people for witchcraft in the 1800’s? And like LOL its New Zealand i think we just got established in the mid 1800’s……we don’t have any interesting history haha. Anywhoooommmmmm here is my doodle of the “Auckland Witches”. I modernised them and made a snobby north shore witch, a cool westie witch and a stylish south sider hahah! Hope you like it!



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