Art it up with friends day 2 and 3!


Ohkay so I’m like about a third of the way through having to work 2 weeks in a row(including four 12 hours days and a 15 hour day booo) so I’m a little lazy at the artitupwithfriends challenge at the moment! I cheated and combined the day 2 and 3 prompts! So here is my “cute but deadly” and “drink it up” entry:

A cute coffee and donut combo! Yay!



I made some prints for my friend and her super cute baby! I even got them framed 😁 they looked really cool in the frames I was like aw yea look at me go 😎 

I’d love to sell some of these but I’m not sure of anyone would be interested in buying them lol, let me know your thoughts id love to get a few different perspectives on it!


Art it up with friends has begun!


Hey everyone!! Just when you thought all the fun of inktober was over I’ve got another challenge to complete! It’s a new round of artitupwithfriends 😁 I’ve previously done an artitupwithfriends (February I think?) if you want to check it out! Anyway I am super tired(10 hour day today and only day 3 of 14 😭) so here it is. Day one of artitupwithfriends ODDITY

It’s a tim burton inspired character as he taught me it’s Ohkay to be odd, all the cool kids are odd 😎

ATC Swap Meet!


Hey so here is something cool I forgot to mention! I am participating in an ATC(artist trading card) swap meet! Its a big international thing which is cool! Basically Ive created some cute(and small!) illustrations with the theme(fantasy) in mind and shipped them off to America(which have not arrived yet eep). From there they will get divided up and sent off to other artists, and I will get some in return! This is really exciting for me as I have never given my art to anyone other than my family, and I really don’t think I am good enough to be included in anything like this, so its really a big exciting step for me 🙂 I thought id show you the cards I came up with, and hopefully you guys think they are cool 🙂


I hope you like them all 🙂 I’ll include a close up of my favourite two below so you can see 🙂

I think the colours work well in these two 🙂

Boy you can really tell I love pink aye hahah!

Let me know what you think 🙂