inktober day 31 :(


Aw we have come to the end of inktober 😦 Sad news I know! I hope you have enjoyed all my inktober/drawlloween crazyness πŸ™‚ Good news is there another art challenge starting up and hopefully I will be able to follow through with that as well as I have done with inktober…but who knows! ANYWHOOOOO todays prompt was cult costume…so I did sheet ghosts! But this isn’t any ordinary gaggle of sheet ghosts, its the slightly incorrect sheet ghost gang! Their parents weren’t quite paying attention when they made these last minute costumes hahah!


This is a pretty crap little doodle, i was rushing to get it done(too busy i tell you!) but I hope you like it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy haunting πŸ™‚


inktober day25


Oh less than a week to go 😦 Todays prompt was Graves, and at first I was like oh crap here we go another super hard prompt what am i going to do 😦 and then…well if im honest I actually really love what I came up with!


Look at these cuties haha! I used 3 of my favorite fictional characters that have died(apologies if Ive spoilt anything for you) and had to include  cute bat and the 3-eyed raven from Game of Thrones because basically every character on that show has died 😦

What do you guys think?

Morbid cuteness for the win!