Not art

I don’t have any art for today but I just finished re-vamping my artspiration wall and tidied my desk so I thought I’d show y’all 😁 I love that I’m a grown adult and I’m proud that I tidied my desk hahahaπŸ˜‚

 So here’s my artspo wall…complete with cute cupcake lights😁 All the work on there(except the adventure time print out) I’ve purchased 😁 I can’t wait to get more art up there! I’ve got my two fave kawaii artists tokidoki and pincinc up there 😁 and you can see my Mac in the front there, she’s my baby πŸ’–πŸ’–  

And here’s my desk 😁 just got the new art of loish book and it is AMAZING! As you can tell I love Winnie the Pooh hahah! And there in the corner are my other babies…my copics 😍😍😍 I’m proud of how clean it is for once lol! My partner and I live in a really small house so my spare room(we have a spare room each…his is a gaming room) usually gets dumped with all the junk lol! Hazzah desk!

And here’s Marley because he’s the cutest and sweetest thing ever 😍😍




  1. Nice! What kind of colors/paints/pens do you use?
    You are very talented. I wish I can draw like you. Right now I’m just into “coloring” color art books for my “Zen” and sometimes I feel I don’t even pick the perfect colors for my art. Keep drawing!

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