Happy birthday to my mumma!!


Yay it’s my mums 50th birthday today 😁😁 my mum is basically the coolest person in the whole world ever, she pretty much raised me(I like to think she did a good job) and she’s shouting 13 of us to Fleetwood Mac for her birthday! So cool! I got her Madonna tickets for her birthday, but I wanted to give her something special. I wanted to do a portrait of me her and my sister but I suck at that sort of stuff so what I did was trace over a picture to get the poses, then turned it into my family! So the poses aren’t mine….but everything else is! And then I coloured it with my BRAND NEW WACOM TABLET!!! And voila 

Do you like it? I personally think the anime version of me is spot on(guess which one is me haha!)

And once again, happy birthday to the best mum in the world 😁

cloridaaa 😎


Hello! As you may know I have an Instagram, and my name on that is cloridaaa (it’s my name for many things…and you pronounce it like the rapper flo-rida because I’m that cool😎😎). So i have a little chat going on with these cool artist teens(I’m 24 I can say teens haha) and we decided to draw personas of our Instagram user names. Cloridaaa the persona has cool pink hair and a cool jumper 😁 I’m quite proud of the way she turned out 😁