Zombie and apology!


AAAH! Here’s a zombabe (a zombie that’s a babe 😁) she’s also a bit of a geek but hey we’re all friends here! Also sorry I’ve been a bit slack on the posts have been busy with inktober, which is basically an ink drawing a day for the month of October, and this year I’m doing  drawlloween aswell, which is a different Halloween themed drawing every day! I’m playing on posting all 31(yup 31) on the first of November so you can see them all together so please bare with me until then…which is basically only a week away WOOP! Anywho here’s the zombabe geek girl 😁

Also if you want to keep updated on my inktober and drawlloween feel free to check out my Instagram @cloridaaa πŸ˜