Lorde redraw


have you seen that SouthPark episode where stans dad is Lorde? I AM LORDE LORDE LORDE LORDE. Anywho like 12 million years ago when I started this blog Lorde was doing big things overseas and winning Grammys and what not. I originally drew this picture to celebrate her getting to the Grammys, but yea i hate it so it needed a redraw. I made it a bit cooler I think 😁

Here’s the original 


So eeew. Here’s my redraw

 Much cooler. That third eye.



i had a lottttt of fun redrawing my princess bubblegum and my narwhal pollution babe! It’s cool working a different style into a pre conceived idea! So I decided to redo some of my old blog posts 😁 first up is this drawing of this little feather head babe

I still really love this sweet scribble so naturally I had to do it first! So here it is


I still like the original better 😕

Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne is lord of the perfect eyebrows. I’ve always been a bit like who is this chick everyone’s bananas over, but now I’m like she’s pretty cool! I haven’t seen paper towns yet, and I’m a bit nervous as it is one of my fave books, but I feel she’s defiantly quirky enough to pull off margo! So any whom I brought the NZ version of Cosmo with her on the cover and tried to draw her….I think I nailed it hahaha