i don’t know what to call these pieces! I wanted to try drawing in a different style and they look pretty cool! I effed up the first ones hair but she’s got great eyebrow game

And the seconds ones pretty cool ๐Ÿ˜

But I think the two of them together looks pro as hahaha

Look at me feeling all cool hahaha.

I’ll stop now.



lookie it’s a cute panda surviving the harsh Auckland weather(it got to -2C this week that has pretty much never happened!) he is better protected than me! Imagine if it snowed in Auckland! That’d be cool! Once it hailed really hard and we all got excited! Yup we are a weird city lol


Fallen angelย 


sooooooo I’ve just finished reading the fallen series by Lauren Kate and it’s really good. It’s about fallen angels but not in a God Jesus Christ the saviour sort of way. Sorry if you’re into all that and I offended you, I’m just not down with the big guy. Anywhoooooo I drew a rather crappy fallen angel with some wingz yo!