Attempting poses!


here is a whole ensemble of a6 babes in various poses…in trying to get to grips with anatomy…it’s not going too well as you can see haha! But for some reason this first babe reminds me of Khloe Kardashian….don’t worry I’m not that stupid that I watch the Kardashians lol!        



Yayyyyy!!!! Tonight I’m going to Demi Lovato liveeeeee!!! I’m so excited!!! Demi has always been one of my most favourite people in the world ever and the fact she’s coming to New Zealand is just amazing! And I shouted my bff so it’s even more fun!! I drew two portraits to honor  Demi, one of them I like, the other I’m a bit uncertain about. Neither of them look like Demi Lovato, but hey I’m notabout realisim! So without further ado here are the two Demi Lovato portraits!

Firstly we’ve got one in my usual style ๐Ÿ˜ 

Looking good Demi! Next up we’ve got an a6 drawing of Demi! I actually copied an actual picture with this drawing….and it still looks like crap hahah


We will rememberย 


today is the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing by the ANZAC troops. Thousands upon thousands of young kiwi dudes (and Aussies too) gave their lives fighting for a cause they believed in, and it’s just actually so horrible and sad the conditions they lived their final days in. Today we went to the dawn parade to pay our respects and it was great to see so many people there as well, being 100 years must have motivated more people, my partner has gone to a dawn parade nearly every year of his life, and I’ve been about 6 years now, it just feels like the least we can do. So today my sweet scribble is dedicated to those brave young men who gave their lives for my freedom.


I can’t really remember that big speech that goes with the dawn parade, but I do know it says “they shall not grow old something something and as the sun rises we will remember them.”

Kia kaha ANZAC soldiers,Kia kaha.