Come out little dude!

What the eff its supposed to be summer!! The weather’s been so dismal lately its just ANNOYING!! I just want … More

Deery do!

Nawww its a baby dear! I love deers, they are so graceful and they seem so kind and good natured! … More


Wahoo I’m off to the rolling stones concert tonight YAYYYYYYYY! I’m super excited for it! I saw them 10 years … More

Mrs Swaggy Claus

I’m back to Christmas themed things muahaha! Today I decided to draw Mrs Claus, but a babe version wearing track … More


I really feel like ham so I drew a picture of a pretty cool ham!

Christmas pudding cat!

Yeaaa I’ve never had a Christmas pudding on my life…but I drew a cute one that some how got genetically … More

Hoot hoot!

Just cause you love Christmas as much as me(ha!) Here’s a festive owl!!

If you didn’t know..

That I love Christmas, well you are sort of lucky because I’m super annoying with my festive attitude lol! But … More