Ah! Its October!

Which means it halloween soon! Yay! I love halloween! Except every year I buy shit loads of candy and no kids ever come to my door 😦 Anywhoooo since October is the month of all things creepy todays sweet scribble is inspired by my obsessive collection of Goosebumps books! Ive decided to collect the whole lot, not just the original series of 62 books, the whole lot…which is like 200 od books! Im probably about half way through…maybe…not really! But anyway one of the books I’ve always loved is The Blob That Ate Everyone! When I was little I loved the cover, the blob looked so scary but I loved the pink squishiness of him! So in honour of that awesome book, and all things spooky, here is my version of the squishy pink blob that ate EVERYONE!



Heres the original if you don’t know what it looks like:


I think they should put mine on the cover ha!



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