This is halloween! This is halloween! Halloween! Halloween! HALLOWEEEENNNNN!!!!!!! LALALALALALALALA……….and I’m back. Sorry! I just love to sing This is Halloween from The Nightmare before Christmas when its halloween! Yay I love halloween! Creepy cool cute stuff everywhere!! Well not really coz New Zealand fully blows and doesnt even get into the spirit of it! Every year I buy shit loads of candy and never get a single kid at my door 😦 Lets hope this year is different!!! Anywho here is a really scary ghost!!!


Its nearly halloween!


All hallows eve. The day of the dead. Spirits come back from the dead. There are heapppsssss of cool/creepy holidays this time of the year! I love it! So creepy! Here is a day of the dead paper bag ghost! Aaah so scary!


Skinny Genes


Do you fine folk no Eliza Doolittle(not the movie one, the singing one!) If not, give her a google she’s pretty cool, and if so do you like her? Or am I just alone on that one? I love her! Her songs are so catchy! And she has a pretty rad style! This babe is inspired by her 🙂




For those of you that are lucky enough not to know me, you are truly missing out on something great this time of year…me and my psycho christmas-ness! I am fully the biggest christmas nut I know! I abosoultey love christmas!!! Mainly I love christmas music and baking gingerbread cookies ha! But i just love the whole spirit of it! Getting together with the ones you love and eating meannn fooddd! And for me I love spoiling my friends and family with some well earned gifts! And who doesn’t love decorating the tree! I take about 4 hours to do ours haha! It has to look just right! Hopefully I will be putting ours up in a few weeks…ill post a picture for you all 🙂 I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS EEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!!!!! Here is Rudolph with some lights and a scarf! Silly Rudolph!