A whole plethora of sweet scribbles!


None of these really ignite my passion that much, but I don’t hate them either so I thought i’d include them all in one:

Welcome Nerd Babe…I like your hair!


This girl is just pretty!


Super hero sally is ready to save us all!


I literally don’t even know what i was going with here?


Aiiiyyeee its frankenstiennnN!


Aww its a cute young boy…I sound like a pedo.


Kurt Cobain.



Nirvana is just an awesome and amazing band. Im reading a book at the moment about Kurt Cobain, and he was a bit of a whingy twat, but still a musical genius. I decided to draw a little cute sweet scribble of him…I actually really like it…am gonna colour it up digitally some time soon…maybe.


Gotta Catch Em All!


Pokemon! I love pokemon, almost as much as I love Naruto! Ash Ketchum is just awesome, although when I watch the show now Im like how did you even get so far in the pokemon league? You know nothing about pokemon types! Just lucky he’s got Misty! So I decided, as I have done previously with Kakashi from Naruto, to female up Ash Ketchum! Ash Ketchum lady version you looking fly!






Man do I love Demi Lovato. And I have…for so long now ha! So I drew a sweet scribble of her, but effed it up, but I don’t really care coz lives fo living yo! She so sassy with her half shaved head…I would never have the balls to do that! She has some pretty mean tattoos too….I love tattoos…I want like 50 million but they so expensive!!


Call me, beep me…


if you wanna reach me! Yup thats right this sweet scribble is my ultimate hero…KIM POSSIBLE. Actually she’s second to Tris from Divergent, and maybe third to Allie from The Immortal Rules, but she’s still flippin awesome! I recently acquired due to the magicalness of the internet all 4 seasons of Kim Possible….my life has never been better haha!


Katniss Everdeen


The girl on fire! I bet you just said that in Effys voice…you know you did. Here is my colored pencil version of Katniss Everdeen! I got bored of colouring so it looks pretty crap haha but I absolutely LOVE Jennifer Lawrence(naked pics and all!) so had to put it up! I think the Hunger Games are the one movie series I prefer over the books…big call I know but WHATEVS Im just real like that fool!


Kakashi Sensi and Pakkun x2!


Ohkay so incase you haven’t noticed I really love Naruto. And Kakashi, tied with Kiba, is my favourite character. So I drew a female version of him, complete with a little Pakkun! Eeeh so cool! I coloured this one in with my crayola coloured pencils….50 pack what a gangsta!



Anywho then I decided to see what it would look like if I coloured the picture in digitally….


I think its fair to say it looks pretty cool! What do you guys think?? God damn I love Kakashi, and I’m not even sorry about being all blasphemous right there.