Happy birthday to my sister!!!

Wahoo its my sisters birthday today! And she is 28 on the 28th of August! 28 on the 28th!!! ITS A ONCE AND A LIFETIME EVENT!!! Ohkay by now she would’ve received her birthday present from me so its safe to post these up! For her birthday I brought her some really cool and lovely smelling LED Candels(I also have a set,they are amazing!) and Marley got her some batteries for them….such a lovely puppy dog! I also drew two special pictures just for her! I also framed them…which is cool! And drew a card…im a winner lol! I have the worst camera-phone in the world so I apologise for the shitty quality photo, but alas! Here is a photo of my first ever framed artwork!


Here they all are together! The digital print, the water-colour drawing and the coloured pencil card!


Naww coloured pencil Marley is pretty cute!!!


Water-colour babe…this is actually one of my most fave drawings ever!


My sister is OBSESSED with exercise and stuff so I drew a picture of a gym junkie! Right up her alley lol!


Overall good birthday presents I do think! And I quite like my pictures in a frame…looks so profesh! Hazzah happy days are here again!



  1. YAY it was the best birthday present by far 🙂 I have wanted more of your drawings your so talented and im sure the world would agree with me , thanks for help celebrating my birthday 🙂

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