Sinister Fruit!!!!!!!!!!


RUN! DONT WALK! FROM THE SINISTER FRUIT!!!!! Lol these guys look so funny I literally die laughing every time I look at it! Except the lemon looks legit evil. Maybe just run away from him!


Happy birthday to my sister!!!


Wahoo its my sisters birthday today! And she is 28 on the 28th of August! 28 on the 28th!!! ITS A ONCE AND A LIFETIME EVENT!!! Ohkay by now she would’ve received her birthday present from me so its safe to post these up! For her birthday I brought her some really cool and lovely smelling LED Candels(I also have a set,they are amazing!) and Marley got her some batteries for them….such a lovely puppy dog! I also drew two special pictures just for her! I also framed them…which is cool! And drew a card…im a winner lol! I have the worst camera-phone in the world so I apologise for the shitty quality photo, but alas! Here is a photo of my first ever framed artwork!


Here they all are together! The digital print, the water-colour drawing and the coloured pencil card!


Naww coloured pencil Marley is pretty cute!!!


Water-colour babe…this is actually one of my most fave drawings ever!


My sister is OBSESSED with exercise and stuff so I drew a picture of a gym junkie! Right up her alley lol!


Overall good birthday presents I do think! And I quite like my pictures in a frame…looks so profesh! Hazzah happy days are here again!

Now for some drawings that look cooler in water-colour!


Ohkkkaayyyy so as I was saying in an earlier post, i got bored and coloured in my wholeeee sketchbook with my water-colour pencils 🙂 A few of my already sweet scribbles look a lot cooler in the water-colour style! So i thought id post them up with a link to the original(sort of) digital version and you can let me know what you think 🙂


1- My drawing of Alison Sekemoto from the Blood of Eden series! Original is hereeeee! I actually like both of them a lot, but this one looks less scary!


2- Baby its a baby! This actually looks 5 million times cuter lol! Look at this creeper baby here!


3- This was my ode to Lorde coz she put NZ on the map for something other than sheep and the LOTR films! Original lorde is sort of scary…sort of like real lorde..OMG HAAAAA I JOKE OHKAY GUYS I JOKE! All of NZ will want to kill me now. Not even kidding.


4- I originally posted these two as separate drawings of Four and Tris. Tris’s head still looks like a potato but I love these two together, with the dauntless flames background…FML I love these books!


5-GAMEBOY! I love it! Even though you can see where I screwed up the button, this girl(or guy…what sex is a gameboy?) still looks cuter and more sweet-scribbly than this original creeper!



6-Ginny Weasley! Yeaaaa she looks way cuter like this! Plus her hair colour is a bit more authentic than this faker. Sort it out digital Ginny sheesh!



7-Stevie Nicks BABEEEE!!!! Even though I legit have the worse painting skills everrrr this version of Stevie looks a hell of a lot more down to earth than this one! Y’all agree or what???