Ariana Grande!

Ive decided to attempt, yes attempt, to draw/doodle/whatever-i-pretend-to-do-and-call-it-art some of my fave celebs/book characters/film characters & whatnot. Sort of gives me a focus for my doodling, otherwise I just draw countless cupcake after cupcake! And since i know you’ve all had enough of my amazing(not) game of thrones doodles, scribbles, whoozywhatsits thought I better move on to more interesting subject matter lol! So alas here we are 🙂 Ariana Grande plays Cat on Victorious(love it!) & Sam&Cat(which is dumb.)! And she also has an absolutely beautiful voice and an awesome album called Yours Truly. Buy it. She doesn’t have her vibrant red hair anymore, but I couldn’t draw her without it 🙂



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