The other day I was on a nostalgic buzz and drew some sweet scribbles of things that reminded me of my childhood in the 90’s. Which weirdly enough is like 20 odd years ago…eww I am old. Since all my electronic devices are conspiring against me to make sure I can never scan in my drawings, Im just spacing one days worth of scribbles out lol! Here is todays:


DAS GAMEBOY!! I absolutely love my Gameboy colour! I got it for my 10th Birthday and still have it 🙂 I got one of the cool see through purple ones(I think it was called crystal or ice or something?), with pokemon yellow 🙂 Then I got pokemon blue, silver and crystal…best games EVER. Love it! Does anyone else still have there old Gameboys?

Just realized looks like girly B-MO from adventure time lol!



  1. DAS GAMEBOY!!! 🙂

    I just started watching the Pokemon cartoons again! This time on Netflix!

    I have never played the games tho. 😦

    Should I buy Pokemon X/Y for 3ds? Or start with Red and Blue? Haha!

    1. Aw pokemon is the best! I have them all on dvd haha…and a Pikachu t-shirt…and a Pikachu pillow…and loads of figurines…I need help haha! Id say go with the new ones because you can get silver and gold for the 2ds/3ds and they are way more fun than the red/blues lol! Coz you get to explore johto and kanto woop!

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