Game of Thrones

Ohmygosh. I am a massive Game of Thrones fan! And yes, I read the book first…well the first book anyway. Then couldn’t quite get through the rest of them before the show caught up…plus how hot is Robb..I’d rather stare at his face all day haha! If you’ve read or watched it then you know about the infamous red wedding. WORST THING EVER. I cried soooooooooo much when that happened, im not good with surprise deaths…and the death of the most perfect looking man in history was not cool. So yesterday I decided to kill all surprizes by reading the synopsis of what happens in every book, I know that cheating and super lazy of me, but OHMYGOSH. What happens is just too awesome. So I drew a picture of it instead of spoiling it for you 🙂 And since my drawing skills are pretty awful you wont even be able to tell who it is 🙂 Or whats happening 🙂 ENJOY!


Also I’ve been watching American Horror Story: Coven. HOW AWESOME IS THAT SHOW?!


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