Happy Birthday!

Today its my dads birthday! He is all of 45 today! And since im poor(and probably smelly) I baked, and decorated, a yummy caramel cake for him..heres a picture of it!
Pretty cute lol! My dad likes fishing and stuff so its sea themed 🙂 So on that theme todays sweet scribbles(yup there it 2 of them!) Firstly weve got a cute octopus, just like the one on the cake! Did you know they are red? I didn’t, I thought they were blue! I set about making a blue one yesterday and my partner(who spends a good chunk of his time watching fishing/ocean themed shows) was like “No!There Red”…and yup google images confirmed that for me! Anndddddd now i’ll shut up..heres the octopus 🙂
Aww cute! And your next sweer scribble is a cute candle! I forgot to get one for the cake…oops. But this one is much,much more cuter than a real one! Hazzah! Enjoy this cute candle 🙂


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