Alas! I am a lobster!


Man, I love the beach and the sun and everything summery! But boy, that sun is a killer! Today I managed to get a lovely red sheen on my face, legs, back of my legs, arms and stomach. I know closely resemble a lobster. Naturally I wouldn’t mind too much..but I have a wedding on Saturday…heres hoping my lobster-ness fades by then! So on that lovely lobstery note, todays sweet scribble is pretty much a self portrait…a poor lobster skinned lady 😦 Curse you sun! Curse youuu!


i’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh…


I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies. Yup, ive got Lorde fever! Its grammys day over here(well they actually happen till tomorrow but im excited!), and basically the whole country is waiting to see if Lorde wins any grammys! She’s nominated for 4 grammys, which is absolutely amazing for anyone, let alone a teenage girl from Auckland(yeayuhhh)! Her album is actually really good, so if you don’t have it..go and buy it! Glory & Gore is my favourite track 🙂 So on that note, todays sweet scribble is inspired by Lorde, and her awesomeness 🙂

saturday sunshine!


Yay its Saturday! It is a lovely summers day today, and a perfect day for a bbq..yuss! We are off to my mums today for a family bbq, which if your anything like my family, basically means I get to organize all the food while everyone else sits around drinking in the sun…ggr! Ohwell, atleast the food is always good 🙂 Todays sweet scribble is..well…a sort of mutant ballon floating about. Cute, but strange haha! Enjoy friends 🙂